Java: most wanted

javapic  -I know Java.
-Wonderful! It is exactly what we need! When you can start?

Funny job interview? It was like that in nineties but not anymore. Now Java is so broad that two experienced Java programmers that develop similar(from user’s point of view) applications may not know any of tools, frameworks, IDEs, AppServers that other is using. Sometimes bunch of technologies is chosen based on company’s budget, sometimes it depends on vendors support, sometimes it just because of historical reasons.
Whatever was the cause it is the fact that Java-flavour in Australia is significantly different to European. So my “Europe-tailored” skill set become slightly “out of fashion” and need some altering according to local preferences. That is why I decided to start new project that exploits all modern Australian java technologies, tools, etc. As an architect I have to sacrifice some good practices and even common sense as it would never allow me … let say use 1.4 -based things in the middle of 2006.
What am I building? It is n-tiered webapp that allows me to manage simple schedule and TODO list and receive voice remainders over the phone. I will add whatever I want to it as soon as I feel like it.
Let the show begin! I introduce java buzz-words in Australian IT market.
1. Oracle. Nobody cares about postgres, mysql, derby and other open-sourced rdbms.
2. Hibernate. No surprises here.
3. Spring. It is extremely popular all around the world.
4. Struts. Still alive. Bit outdated technology that is demanded 5 times more than Spring MVC or JSF.
5. AJAX. It is rarely used but people like this word. So do I.
6. SOA! WebServices, SOAP, BPEL and all other SOA-related terms.
7. WebSphere + WSAD(RAD). WebSphere beats WebLogic, JBoss, Tomcat, GlassFish altogether.
The first release will comprise whatever is ready scheduled to 1 September 2006. Will keep you informed how the project goes. By the way. The name is Ascon.

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