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Ascon:use-case diagram

August 20, 2006

Using of Ascon only available for registered users. We need simplest possible register and login functionality.

UML_ascon_usecaseAscon user interface mainly provide functionality for managing(CRUD) user’s addressbook and CallJobs. In list of CallJobs user should also have ability to see kind a report for completed jobs.

When CallJob executed we need to place a call and when answered read out the text of message. After that JobCall is considered as completed. If nobody answers the call we mark it as dismissed. In next versions we might want to introduce “redial schedule” for repeating unaswered calls until completion.

For incoming calls we are going to have conventional IVR service with arbitrary dialog.

Operator has all functionality as normal user, report for all users, report for all JobCalls and ability to manage Carriers.

(Not so) Stupid interview question

August 7, 2006

Once I’ve read about funny question for interview. “If you have to become a core Java class, which one would you choose? And why?”. You are on job interview. It is not really good idea to ask interviewer about his last visit to psychologist. Moreover the question is not as silly as it seems to be from first sight. As you realise the question is not about java but merely behavioral. So, how you react on that and what is correct approach? It depends. It depends on company and vacant job position you are trying to get. There are several thoughts about it and great many bad answers. You should not tell:”I want to be System class! I AM System class!!! I always felt likesomone who can rule them all and only I may have access to all goods and low level resources!”.

Well, get serious. If you are trying to get any Senior or team lead or architect position espetialy in Banking/Financial sector the only correct answer is “I don’t know because I never thought about it”. You do not have any specific preferences in becoming a Java class and any *.class answer will be -not_based_on_your_experience, -not_well_thougt, -not_only_right_answer. And you definitely will not be able to prove yourself other that “why not?”. So you gave a very random answer without thinking and not having any explanation. Why? Because you thought it was silly question. IN YOUR OPINION. At that time the interviewer will draw a minus sign in checklist in the row “Tend to give quick answers when the subject is not clear. “. You are trying to explain your choice another minus will appear with comment “may insist on poor decisions just because he made them once”.

It was my IMHO. What do YOU think about it?